The big news this week comes via the doors of the beauty mothership, Estée Lauder. Granddaughter Aerin Lauder this week launches her own beauty line, and my, isn’t it pretty? Aerin spent 20 years working for the company set up by her grandmother, most recently as creative director of brands, which put her in a perfect position to pave the way for her own empire. Kicking the Aerin brand off with beauty makes perfect sense, given the family background, but expect to see all sorts of other lifestyle bits and bobs – fabrics, footwear, sunglasses – are set to follow next year. The idea of a lifestyle brand feels a bit American, white-picket fences and a house full of neatly arranged flowers, but I love reading Real Simple magazine (“Five new uses for ice cubes”, “I store my tablecloths in length order”), so maybe this is what I secretly aspire to.

But back to Aerin beauty. It’s a cleverly edited capsule collection. Made up of just five multitasking products and a set of sturdy but sensibly sized brushes, the collection is aimed at busy women who want good quality but fuss-free makeup. Yes, similar products may be available elsewhere, but here they are all together, laid out in front of you in a simple, this-is-all-you-need-to-look-lovely way. The compact is somewhere between a foundation and a concealer (and comes in six shades), there’s a gorgeous lip and cheek crème that gives a nice flush of colour, and the lip conditioner is thick and glossy. With a hand and body cream, and an illuminating powder to finish the collection, it really is a great selection of makeup basics.

As well as this Essentials collection, Aerin also launches an autumn collection. Two subtle palettes, lip glosses and lipsticks coming under the title of either Weekday or Weekend. Yes, there’s a lipstick called Sunday Morning, which is slightly optimistic, but if you’re a fan of nudes and barely there shades, then this is the stuff for you. And by giving a lip gloss the title Perfect Nude, my guess is that these won’t be hanging around long in the limited collection before gaining permanent status.

Is this an end to wonky eyeliner?

I’m often wary of beauty brands presenting solutions to problems that none of us have, but Bourjois have obviously been listening to the crowd of women who struggle with liquid eyeliner. On counters this week is the Intuitive Liner: you hold it to your eye and it automatically draws you the perfect line. Oh, if only. But it does help. It looks a bit like a mini-fork, and works along the dot-to-dot idea of getting a nice, smooth line. Where it falls down slightly is the flick, I’ve yet to manage a sharp point at the end with it. So it’s almost a great solution to a problem that lots of us have, but I think for now, I’ll stick to my gel and brush combo.

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