Dolce & Gabbana has changed the name of one of its products after the fashion world lashed out in offense.

The fashion house named a pair of $2,400 footwear the “slave sandal,” and it didn’t take long for folks on Twitter to call the brand “insensitive”—among other things.

Those responsible for naming the sandal were accused of “glorifying slavery”:

Dolce & Gabbana. I love you, but why are you glorifying slavery? #slavesandals #fashionfail #marketingfail

— fEROSh Lifestyle (@FeroshLifestyle) March 3, 2016

The name choice made one young fashionista “want to throw up”:

Dolce & Gabbana doesn’t understand what’s going on. They’re soaked up in their Eurocentric lifestyle & makes me want to throw up.

— Davika (@DavikaStaar) March 3, 2016

Here are a few more negative reactions:

.@dolcegabbana Just wondering what possessed you to name your latest summer sandals “The Slave Sandal”? Wow.

— Strategic Comms Girl (@FlackInTheCity) March 3, 2016

This sort of thing makes me so angry. It should make us all angry. via @Cosmopolitan

— Charles Manning (@CharlesEManning) March 3, 2016

Brand managers have yet to issue a public apology, but D&G’s website has a new product name listed: “decorative flat sandal.” Saks Fifth Avenue is selling the shoes under the name “pompom leather lace-up sandal.”


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